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Jan 31, 2020

Yesterday Chainlink released price reference data for 25 of its decentralized oracle networks which, together, power more than $100m in DeFi. 

On this special interview episode, @nlw talks with Sergey Nazarov and Kain Warwick, the founders of Chainlink and Synthetix respectively about: 

  1. The evolution and goals of...

Jan 30, 2020

The best way to fund open source projects remains a question, and one that - in the context of crypto protocols - has never had higher stakes. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen live action experiments in a number of different approaches. 

Gitcoin grants used a quadratic funding program to match grants to technology...

Jan 29, 2020

In a Breakdown exclusive, Binance US CEO announces that the exchange will begin supporting staking, starting with ALGO and ATOMs. 

On this episode, Catherine and I discuss:

  1. How the company prioritizes both new features and which audiences to build for
  2. Why staking is important both for allowing people to do more with...

Jan 28, 2020

We’re over $9,000! That means a lot of good things, of course. But any price increase brings with it increased scrutiny and, yes, increased FUD. The question for this time around is whether the FUD is the same old same old or something new. 

In this episode, @nlw looks at three emergent (and continued) areas of FUD,...

Jan 24, 2020

A single long-form episode with all the week's content + a TL;DR. This week was all about macro frame-setting coming out of Davos. 

  • Monday - 4 Reasons Crypto Should Care About Davos
  • Tuesday - Gitcoin's Kevin Owocki on Controversy and the Future of Open Source Funding
  • Wednesday - Why Vodafone’s Defection Won't Matter...