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Jun 10, 2020

Today on the Brief:

  • Saudi Arabia injects $13 billion in bank liquidity via blockchain.
  • China’s state TV CCTV says Binance is still allowing crypto trading in China.
  • MakerDAO community greenlights real world collateral. 

Our main topic: The “Robinhood Revolution.” 

The next time someone tells you crypto markets are too irrational or volatile, point them to stock markets right now.

  • The largest 50-day rally in history
  • Every S&P 500 stock up from 10 weeks ago
  • Multiple bankrupt companies up more than 100% since they declared bankruptcy

This is the “Robinhood Revolution,” as a horde of day traders are outperforming billionaire investors and commanding the stock market narrative. 

This episode looks at:

  • Who is this new generation of investors 
  • Why they’re so active right now
  • What they’re betting will go up
  • Why they don’t care about earnings, balance sheets or any other fundamentals
  • Four scenarios for how this rally could have an impact on the bitcoin and crypto industry