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Jul 18, 2020

Today on the Brief:

  • The latest information in the Twitter hack
  • Thailand starts using its central bank digital currency
  • Treasury Secretary Mnuchin calls on Congress for more funds 

Our main conversation is with Jon Turek, author of “Cheap Convexity.” 

In this conversation, he and NLW discuss:

  • Why the dollar has gotten stronger thanks to a savings glut from Asia
  • How a too-strong dollar hurts other markets more than the U.S.
  • Why globalization died in 2011 and we just didn’t realize it 
  • How the Fed fixed the global dollar plumbing 
  • Why there are still questions of actual dollar shortages 
  • The detente in U.S.-China financial relations 

Find our guest online

Website: Cheap Convexity 

Twitter: @jturek18