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Aug 14, 2020

The Investor’s Podcast Network cofounder Preston Pysh last recorded with The Breakdown on Black Thursday in March. As NLW and Pysh discussed the potential of future currency crises, bitcoin smashed all the way below $4,000. 

In the five months since, bitcoin has risen 200%. It has attracted the devotion of leading hedge funders such as Paul Tudor Jones II and more recently has become the reserve asset of choice of at least one publicly listed company. 

In this conversation, Preston and NLW discuss:

  • The significance of halving coinciding with central bank printing
  • The inevitability of negative interest rates
  • Why it’s the dollar, not the stock market, that is inversely correlated with the price of bitcoin
  • Why Preston believes in the stock-to-flow model
  • Who pays the price for inevitable currency debasement
  • Why we’re dramatically underestimating the precedent set by MicroStrategy’s $250,000,000 cash-for-bitcoin reserve switch
  • Why MicroStrategy will be worth 10 times what it is today a year from now 

Find out guest online:

Twitter: @PrestonPysh